The pool software is still in development, expect bugs and incomplete features.
Experimental: Specifications are subject to change.

An OpenAgents pool is a software that acts as a middleman between nodes and the nostr relay network. The OpenAgents pool acts as the service provider in the NIP-90 protocol flow, it is responsible for coordinating and assigning jobs to the nodes that are connected to it and for providing some basic apis and services that can facilitate the interaction between the nodes and the network. To make an analogy you can think of it as a bitcoin mining pool with nodes that act as job miners.


  • An host with docker installed and configured
  • Basic knowledge on how to use a terminal and docker
  • The link to a public nostr relay (eg. wss://
The pool host need to be accessible from the nodes that you wish to connect. However it is not necessary to make it publicly accessible to the internet, since pool2pool and user2pool communication happens over nostr

Install and run with docker

To run the OpenAgents pool you can use the following docker command:

docker run -d \
    --name=openagents-pool \
    -p5021:5021 \
    -eNOSTR_RELAYS="wss://" \

The pool will be available on port 5021, you can change the port by changing the -p5021:5021 and the POOL_GRPC_BINDING_PORT environment variable.

By default the pool will create a random nostr secret key to authenticate with the network. If you want you can provide a custom secret key by adding


to the docker command.

To enable SSL you can add the following to the docker command:

-v/path/of/your/cert/folder:/certs \
-ePOOL_GRPC_SERVER_CRT=/certs/fullchain.pem \

You will need to ensure you have valid certificates in the folder, you can use letsencrypt to get free certificates.

The pool will start and listen for incoming connections from the nodes, and job requests. You can check the logs with docker logs --follow openagents-pool to see if everything is working correctly.

To learn how to setup a basic rag pipeline check the Setting up a RAG pipeline page.