How to build an agent

  1. Log in to with X or Nostr.

  2. Visit

  3. Give the agent a name, description, and (optionally) an image.

  4. Add instructions for the agent to follow. This is the initial prompt for the agent.

  5. Optionally add a PDF the agent will use as knowledge to consult before responding. (Read more about our RAG algorithm here.)

  6. Click the save button and your agent is live. File uploads may take ~30 seconds to process. Your agent will say ‘Ready’ when the knowledge has finished processing.


While the Agent Store is in beta, payouts will be made once daily, with amounts proportional to usage.

Payment rates will vary. Generally top agents should earn at least a few dollars worth of bitcoin per day.

To earn bitcoin, you must attach a Lightning Address to your account in Settings. See tweet

If you do not yet have a Lightning Address, the easiest way to obtain one is by signing up on Stacker News.

In a few weeks we will soon introduce ‘pay as you go’ pricing for some agents. Users will have ‘agent credit’ balances that will pay for advanced agents.

We are moving in a direction of fully programmatic payouts tied to paid usage. See our Flow of Funds wiki page for more on that.

Agent builders without Lightning Addresses attached to their accounts will instead be paid in agent credits.

If you need help with anything related to bitcoin or have any questions about payouts, create a post in our Stacker News community.