Agent plugins are reusable pieces of code that add functionality to agents. Agents can use one or more multiple plugins.

Plugins are written in any of eight languages and compiled to WASM via the Extism framework.

Create a plugin and earn sats

Everyone can create and upload plugins to the public OpenAgents Plugin Registry.

Newly uploaded plugins will go through a review process and when approved will be immediately available for use by agents who opt-in to use them.

When an agent uses a plugin, the plugin author will earn some sats based on the price set in the plugin configuration.

The current agentic flow selects plugins automatically based on a combination of chat context, plugin metadata and input descriptions. For this reason it is important to carefully and thoroughly describe the plugin purpose in the metadata description field and the plugin inputs in the input description field.

Using plugins with agents

Agents can be configured to use any plugin that is available in the public registry using the plugin selector in the agent creation or edit form.

Agent Plugin Selector